It was time to leave.

I scooped up everything I could. Then, imitating a waiter, I piled on more. So much perched precariously in my arms.

A plane came. I shuffled into its cargo bay, and glimpsed a few of my friends standing about, their faces obscured by their armloads of keepsakes.

We lifted off and the only sound was the drone of the engines. Then the bay door opened and we all tumbled out.

With a splash, I landed amongst all my items in a murky sea. My friends, adrift in the distance, began cobbling makeshift rafts of their own belongings and reeled in what they could as the debris slowly floated away.

I tried to do the same but soon grew weary. I called out but they were far away, and as it grew dark we started to swim toward each other.

list of things that are overrated (ongoing)

  • bacon -- strips of pig fried in pig fat

  • typography -- not even close to being as important as the content itself

  • positive thinking -- not nearly as important as critical thinking

  • artificial intelligence -- its definition is as slippery as the one for god

ok just had to get that off my chest

this is good

I'm trying to reduce usage of a word i feel that i overuse and i think most people do as a matter of fact

how are you? I'm good
what'd you think of the movie? it was really good
what'd you think of that band? they were really good
how's your sandwich? it's really good
how's your job? your life? your pets? good good good

so many other possibilities, but why bother when everything's good? it's all good

pros and cons of everything

buying a whammy pedal

--I can sound just like like TAAS in deer lodge and subtle body and abracadabraca. Oh my god those riffs are so powerful and yet fairly simple save for that damn $200 pedal

--200 bux
--90% of the crap you can do with it sounds like Tom Morello :~{
--Probably need to get a delay pedal too (which I was thinking about anyway)
--Lose the purism of plugging directly into my beloved fender hot rod delux
--Requires power supply, extra cables

Taking condom off of my phone

--feels better and more natural

--riskier, more likely to get damaged

Learning to juggle

--gratifying and garners attention

--near infinite time sink as you try to add a fourth ball, learn mill's mess, etc.

Riding my bike everywhere

--the wind in my hair, the sun on my face
--bikes are awesome, everyone knows this
--the exercise
--the cost
--not having to rely on bart or bus schedules
--sometimes faster than driving in rush hour traffic

--sometimes sketchy
--sometimes my derailleur has issues
--takes a while to get some places
--hair acquires that windblown look

Running barefoot through the waves of the pacific ocean

--the stars are visible, the breakers too. the city is distant
--you can stalk the birds that eat out of the shells which wash up
--realize there's more to life
--feel younger

--feet and jeans get wet, sandy
--feel insignificant
--the cops are watching

Having another drink

--loosen up
--get out of yr head
--everyone else is holding one, and you are empty handed

--get dumber
--beer belly
--people might start to think you have a problem

Eating seafood

--probably healthy (asian cultures do it and they are fit)
--tastes good

--contains mercury
--not sustainable most of the time


--gain strength
--overcome fear of heights, falling
--build trust, sometimes with strangers
--metaphor for overcoming difficulty, throwing yourself at a challenge
--sometimes there's a great view at the top

--there aren't any cons

Living in SF

--the weather
--the food
--the people, and the mix of people, and their sensibilities
--it is futuristic
--the galleries and parks
--the beach
--the cultivation of that which is weird
--the ever-present startup culture

--start to wonder if you deserve it
--people you need most are somewhere else
--coffee needs some work

things i believe currently that other people thought of

a wise internet commentator once wrote, "If bullshit had a brain, it would quote Nietzsche".
I'm glad because the only Nietzsche quote I treasured was actually Camus anyway

Audrey Hepburn is the WASP queen

avoid foods your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food

everything, everything is reductionist in its approach to making sense of the world

if we had evolved from bonobos instead, life would certainly be less cruel

there exists no silver bullet...for any worthy goal, there is a mountain to climb, perhaps an unending one

no one can keep up with the volatile effects of technology racing forward, so the best and now only way to predict the future is... to invent it

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there was a dream i had where a dude had a shirt that said "wet paint," which I didn't notice until after I let him give me a high five on the street

then I noticed the dudes next to him snickering and the next thing I know I was feeling the effects of the drug, which I too could transmit just by touching someone else (hence "wet paint"). the drug was ephedrine

I do kind of want a wet paint shirt

everyone knows about suicide by cop, but a much more challenging route to death at the hands of another is suicide by neighbor. you really have to escalate things drastically


you spend years building up the callouses on your fingertips to play guitar and bass comfortably, only to lose it all in a tragic cheese slicing accident.

but to look on the bright side, if not for the callous, then the fingertip would be much worse for wear

I was reading a little bit about design and came across a brief table of psychological associations of colors.

It may be about as scientific as astrology but I think colors do affect the subconscious to a degree and there are certain built in associations, if not connotations with respect to certain colors.

First example: apparently men stereotypically prefer orange to yellow, and women vice versa, which doesn't exactly make sense but I will take note anyway.

Do you find yourself naturally gravitating toward certain colors? Does that say something about your psyche?

As another example, here's the list for grey/silver:

intellect, futurism, modesty, sadness, decay, elegance

And in my free time

Getting better at three things I've neglected somewhat on guitar: fingerstyling, fretboard tapping, incorporating the left hand thumb to play otherwise "impossible" chords and chord sequences.

Breezing through part 5 of 2666 (nearly 900 pages) after the soul-destroying part 4: The Part About the Crimes

Speaking of literature, I've completely changed the way some of my UW friends think about Fyodor Dostoyevsky, forever

Coffee takes me on wild mood swings when I've slept fewer hours than I can count on one hand such as recently. For a short while I'm confident and smiling at strangers and ready for whatever the world throws at me, then it wears off, nervous and jittery, self-conscious

If this post were a song, which it isn't, not even remotely close to a song in any way, but if it were, extensive vamping would occur here..


The king is dead, long live the king

And the King of Pop did speaketh unto all the kingdom:
And upon my passing, all thy peasants shalt honor me
By purchasing commerative merchandise
And wearing it upon thy person

What would AA Milne say?

I'm living in a deer lodge

I impersonated Denzel WA

You cannot outsmart Kenneth

The unholy alliance of Canada and America in my bottle

Your progenitor and my enabler, inextricably linked

The future looks like a pound cake, the past looks like a bundt cake
the present, a croissant; and tacos, tacos all the way down

there is TACO: TACO, A Crunchy Organization

and TAQUITOS: TAQUITOS: A Queer Union Including TACO Organizational Staff

There are picnics, there is a life of luxury and an amusement park of a city, a sanctuary for the rich, which I am not, but I am still living the life of luxury

I am living with broken windows